Teams Schedule May / June 2021

If there’s any scheduling conflicts, feel free to reach out to Connor at


Sunday Arrival Times by Team:


Load In: 7 am
Sound: 8 am
Screens: 9 am
Welcome: 9:15 am
Hospitality: 9:15 am
Kids: 9:30 am

NameMay 23rdMay 30thJune 6thJune 13thJune 20thJune 27th
Amanda Abadie Screens Screens
Thomas Ayton Sound Sound Sound
Naejel Banks
Armani Baylor WelcomeWelcome
Emily Benedetto Kids Leader
Leni Burk Connect Connect Screens
Ameshay Burris Kids Leader
Matthew Coates Load In
Rachel Dunn Kids Leader
Connor DuplessisLoad InLoad InLoad InLoad InLoad InLoad In
Kimberly DuplessisKids LeaderKids LeaderKids LeaderKids LeaderKids LeaderKids Leader
Cody Dyer Load In Load In
Beav Fabacher Load In Load In
Kerrah Fabacher Connect
Erica George Hospitality Hospitality
Keishan Goodman
Ethan Greenidge Kids Leader
Kalee Greenidge Kids Leader
Emie Hale Vocals Vocals Vocals Vocals
Jae Hale Cajon
Emily Hamm Screens
Ethan Himel Load In Load In
Dominique Houston Vocals Vocals, Connect Connect Vocals
Hope Hughes Kids Leader
Lixin Ji Kids Leader
April Johnson Welcome Welcome
Richard Johnson Load In, Connect Connect Connect
Alex Leto Kids Leader Kids Leader
Zach Leto Cajon
Roc Lyons Sound Sound Sound
Brooks Manley Load In Load In, Welcome
Avery Martin Keys Keys
Erik Mccoy Kids Leader
Chris Miles Cajon Connect Connect Cajon
Carlie Miller Kids Leader
Michelle Morrison Hospitality
Wyatt Mumfrey Load In Connect Connect
Oscar Ortiz - BR Guitar
Karyn Parson Welcome Welcome
Adele Perrodin Screens
Adrian Peters Welcome Welcome
Reed Roher Load In Load In
Ann Satterlee Kids Leader, Hospitality
Blake Satterlee Guitar Guitar
Kent Satterlee Kids Leader
Lena Satterlee Hospitality
Jordan Sencial Load In Load In
Ben Simpson - BR Guitar
Khadijah Smith Welcome Welcome
Madison Springer Screens Hospitality Kids Leader
Madison Torry Welcome
Blake Vickers Kids Leader Kids Leader
Megan Vickers Kids Leader
Alex Yount Load In Load In
Camille Yount Kids Leader Kids Leader