We can’t be all God has called us to be as a church without you…and we wouldn’t want to be!

Teams are a great way to use your gifts and talents to make an impact while getting to build friendships as you serve alongside others.


AntiochKIDS is one of our top priorities! With kids, a little investment goes a long way and these world changers are the future of what God is doing on the earth…and you’re a big brother or big sister to them! Kids love you guys so we’d love for everyone to serve here once every 4-6 weeks if you are willing!


This team makes the world go ’round! Members of this team serve by handling a wide variety of details and tasks. If you like paper, to-do lists and crunching numbers, you are our hero and this team is for you!


You can put your technological talent to good use by being on the Media Team. This team does all the important stuff involving computers, sound boards and more. If you aren’t intimidated by buttons or cords, this team is for you!


If we are going to reach this city, we can’t wait for the city to come to us. This team will be equipped in how to share about Jesus and bring God-encounters to others. They will also lead out in facilitating times of outreach and evangelism for our church.

City Serve

We don’t just talk about loving New Orleans; we love it with our skills, our sweat and our Saturdays. This team will find practical ways to serve the city and will lead out in helping our church meet different needs.


This teams helps people feel at home! From greeting guests and pointing them in the right direction to helping with dinner and the little touches that put people at ease, this team makes church feel like family.


God created the world, so needless to say, creativity is is something He’s passionate about.  If it’s something you’repassionate about, we’d love your help with bringing creative elements into everything we do. Bringing the Kingdom to life through photography and videography, graphic design, writing, social media and more is what this team is all about.


Play the fiddle? Piano prodigy? Voice of an angel? We want to know! This is more than a group of musicians though–this team brings us into the presence of God and sets up our church for an encounter with Him. If you are passionate about worship and willing to submit to an audition and training process, this could be your spot.


This team helps execute various church-wide events throughout the year such as neighborhood outreaches, church celebrations and other gatherings and events. Whether you’re an expert at hiding Easter eggs or can organize an army of volunteers, there are opportunities for every skill set and gifting within this team!

Load-in // Load-out

You can carry our church–literally! This team unloads and sets up all the equipment needed for our Sunday service and then breaks it down after the service. It’s basically muscles-on-mission (girls have muscles too, by the way) and a vital role within our church!

Prayer + Prophetic

This team fuels everything we do! On Sundays, they pray and seek God together before the service and record prophetic words or insights. There will be opportunities for prayer outside of Sunday as well! You may enjoy this team if you’re looking for a way to walk in your prophetic or intercession gifting or if you are passionate about corporate prayer.

Neighborhood Outreach

We are called to be a blessing wherever we are! This team will build relationships in the neighborhood surrounding our church so people know us as a place where they can find support and encouragement. We’ll tutor kids, throw parties and start lifegroups. If you love where our church “lives”, you’ll love this team.


Have specific gifts or passions you’d like to utilize to serve the church? We’d love to know!